Vanillyl butyl ether

1.Product Na me: Vanillyl butyl ether, Vanillylbutylether
2.Specification: Min 99%.
3.CAS: 82654-98-6
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Product Details

Product Details

◆Product Name: Vanillyl butyl ether, Vanillylbutylether


VANILLYL BUTYL ETHER;BUTYL VANILLYL ETHER;FEMA 3796;VANILLYL BUTYLETHER ;Phenol, 4-(butoxymethyl)-2-methoxy-;4-BUTOXY-2-METHOXYPHENOL;2-Methoxy-4-(butoxymethyl)phenol;4-(Butoxymethyl)-2-methoxyphenol

Specification: Min 99%.

◆CAS No.: 82654-98-6

What’s this ?

Vanillyl butyl ether is an ether of monohydroxybenzoic acid. It is added to food products as a flavoring agent. It is also present in cosmetics and personal care products. It has a characteristic trigeminal, burning, hot pepper nature and can be used in spice flavors like pepper, cinnamon and ginger, as well as blends for some baked applications, including cookies. It has some other applications include flavoring for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with herbal, berry, vanilla, cola, ginger ale, root beer, hot chocolate, chai, ice tea and mints. It can also be used as a warming agent.

Vanillyl butyl ether


Vanillyl butyl ether is an oil-soluble warming agent. It can induce an enduring and gentle warming sensation on our skin and increase its temperature which speeds up the burning of the subcutaneous fat and makes the body slim. As it is very stable and nontoxic,Slimauty VBE has become a good additive to the modern functional body-slimming products.
It have gentle and long-lasting warm sensation to skin while causing less irritation than than capsaicin or capsicum extract. Due to this property, it is has become a good warming agent for cosmetics.Besides, Vanillyl Butyl Ether can be also used as additive for foods and pharmaceuticals.


1.It is applied in the field of Food as a flavoring agent.

2.It is applied in the field of Comestic products.

3.It is applied in the field of Personal Heathcare products.

4.It is applied in the field of in Snack foods and Cakes.

5.It is applied in the field of Beers&Drinks as warming agent.

6.It is applied in the field of Pharmaceuticals.


1--Standard Package:25kg/drum.

we can subpackage it according to our customers' requirements.

Such as 1kg/drum, 5kg/drum, 10kg/drum,25kg/drum,50kg/drum,etc.

2--Sample Package: Plastic bottle.

3--Quantity Less than 50kgs, Recommend to take by DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS,Fedex.

4--Quantity Less than 200kgs, Recommend to take Air Shipment.

5--Quantity More than 200kgs, Recommend to take Sea Shipment.

6--Lead Time: By Express Courier, around 4 to 7 days.

By Air, around 2 to 4 days

By Sea, around 7 to 30days

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