Plant Extracts Is In The Spotlight During The COVID-19.

- Mar 11, 2021-

Some raw materials that can enhance immunity is an issue which gets a lot of attention,Such as elderberry, β-glucan, fungus extract, berberine, sulforaphane, which are gradually highlight out in special COVID-19 circumstances.

Plant Extracts

In particular, berberine has grown rapidly in recent years, for some companies that continue to develop deeply are constantly tapping its application potential. Now berberine has been used in anti-aging research like NMN ,it has received more attention. The time help Sulforaphane breathe life as the raw material,Ten years ago, sulforaphane was mainly used in anti-cancer research, while now it is also used in research to enhance immunity.

berberine                           NMN

In the future, there will be more space for growth of these new-sprouting functional raw materials.