New Shipment Of L-Tryptophan

- Sep 29, 2019-

Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins is a British biochemist. He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Christian Eckman in 1929 for his discovery of multiple vitamins. He also discovered L-Tryptophan in 1901. 

One of Hopkins' many contributions was the discovery of vitamins. The work was done under imperfect experimental conditions. For this study, Hopkins and Ekman jointly won the 1929 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

L-Tryptophan can help maintain the normal function of the immune system, and L-Tryptophan has antioxidant and integrative detoxification effects. L-Tryptophan has detoxification effect. It can be used not only as a drug, but also as a raw material for functional food. It is widely used in functional food such as anti-aging, enhancing immunity and anti-cancer.


Rebeccabio is a factory specializing in the production of L-Tryptophan in Xi'an. In recent days, a large number of customers have cooperated with our factory. These are our shipment in a few days.

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