Mushroom Market Demand Continues To Grow

- Apr 02, 2021-

Regardless of whether consumers are familiar with the research on mushrooms, their market demand for mushrooms is sufficient to attract of supplier. For example, Reishi Mushroom is always the most popular, followed by Hericium erinaceus, which is good for cognition, mood and immunity. Other frequently seen are Chaga, Poria and Shiitake. According to Google Trends in the fall of 2020, Hericium's search popularity ranking is close to 100, which means that this term has obtained the highest level of active search interest.

Hericium's search on Google Trends

SPINS data shows that among food supplement products, mushroom health drinks and mushroom powder increased by more than 400% year-on-year in the 52 weeks ending October 4, 2020. In addition to supplements, functional mushrooms are also very popular in food and beverages, especially in mixed beverages. The sales scale of this part has grown to 12 million US dollars, growing at a healthy growth rate of 22%.

Even snacks and indulgences have a mushroom flavor, such as ice cream, potato chips and beef jerky. Due to its good taste and texture, as well as its overall health benefits, functional mushrooms should continue to be a prominent functional ingredient, appearing more and more in many food categories.