Hot Product :Synthetic Capsaicin

- Sep 24, 2019-

A study in the journal Nutrition reported that Synthetic Capsaicin can increase resting energy consumption by 6%. The energy consumption refers to the energy consumption of the body after fasting for more than 2 hours, and resting at a suitable temperature for 30 minutes. It is mainly used to maintain the normal function of the body cells and organs and the awakening state of the human body. Studies have shown that resting energy consumption can account for 60% of the daily calorie consumption of the human body, promote resting energy consumption, and contribute to the body's energy balance and weight management.

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It is understood that the pepper extract used in the test is rich in capsaicinoids, and does not cause burning sensation in the mouth and stomach when taken orally.

The extraction process of pepper aroma is: pepper → cleaning → cooking to produce aroma → vacuum concentration → distillation → purification → solidxiang → chili flavor extract.

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      The formation of the aroma of pepper depends on the interaction between the pepper reactant and the air. The volatility of the aroma of the pepper can explain the effect of the aroma of the pepper, and the spicy food is volatilized into the air by the unique aroma of the pepper.

      The aroma components of the pepper include aldehydes, acids, ketones, alcohols, salts, thioethers, alkanes, heterocyclic compounds, and other unclear components. For example, 1-pentene-3-one and 2-methylpropanal can form unique foods by forming the unique dried vegetable flavor of pepper.

     Shaanxi Rebecca Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd has been researching deep extraction of pepper flavor technology for several years. In recent days, the pepper extract processed by our company's Xi'an branch factory has been shipped. It is because of our pepper scent technology that we have won the trust of many consumers.