Melatonin Extract

Melatonin Extract

1.Product Name: Melatonin extract
2.CAS No: 73-31-4
3.EINECS No.: 200-797-7
4.Molecular Formular: C13H16N2O2
5.Molecular Weight: 232.28
6.Appearance: White crystalline powder
7.Testing Method:HPLC
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Melatonin is mainly composed of mammals and human the pineal gland produces an amine hormone. And it used to Medicine and Health Products, Which can enhance the body's immune function,Prevent aging, And it is a natural "sleeping pills"

Melatonin extract is naturally produced in the body in response to the perception of light, Melatonin powder has been used to ease insomnia, combat jet lag, protect cells from free-radical damage, boost the immune system, prevent cancer, and extend life.



1. It can improve sleep, shorten the bedtime wake-up time and sleep time, improve sleep quality, significantly reduced the number of awakenings during sleep, short asleep stage, prolonged deep sleep stage, wake-up threshold decreased the next morning. Have a strong ability to adjust the time difference.

2. It is mainly used for whitening moisturizing cosmetics, also commonly used in hair products.

3.It  as a dietary supplement has extensive research on the health care function, indicating that it has a number of physiological functions such as promoting sleep, adjusting time difference, anti-aging, immune regulation, anti-tumor.

4.Melatonin extract has a protective effect on encephalitis virus infection, and reduces its mortality after infection, AIDS treatment and cardiovascular protection.



1.It is applied to the field of Cosmetics.

2.Melatonin extract is applied to the field of Healthcare Supplement.

3.It is applied to the field of Pharmaceuticals.



♦ 25KG/drum,or according to your requirement.

♦ Transit could be DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS,Fedex,and so on.

♦ For mass orders, it will be delivered by air or sea.

♦ Depending on your location, please allow 1-5 business days for your order to arrive.

♦ For small order, please expect 3-7 days by UPS DHL EMS.

♦ For mass order, please allow 5-8 days by Air, 15-30 days by Sea.


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