Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Green Tea Powder

1.Product Name:Matcha Green Tea Extract,Matcha Powder,Matcha Green Tea Powder , Matcha Tea Powder.
2. Specification: 500mesh,.1000mesh,2000mesh
3.Latin Name: Matcha Green Tea Extract.

Product Details

What is Matcha Green Tea Extract ?

Shaanxi Rebecca Bio-Tech Co.,LTD ,a Manufacturer specializing in Matcha Green Tea Extract for more than 6 years in China, Matcha Green Tea Extract otherwise known as Matcha Powder,Matcha Green Tea Powder , Matcha Tea Powder, Our fantastic Matcha Green Tea Extract is made from culinary grade matcha powder. This extract is a good source of antioxidants, polyphenols and alkaloids. You probably already recognize the alkaloids caffeine and theobromine.

Matcha contains rich nutrients and trace elements, the main component is tea polyphenols, caffeine, free amino acids, chlorophyll, protein,cellulose, vitamin C, A, B1, B2,B3, B5, B6, E, K, H,potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc, selenium, fluorine, etc,nearly 30 kinds. Matcha green tea extract is a good anti-oxidant, anti-aging, sunburn protection and skin soothing agent. Use in lotions, serums, lip balm, and hair care

Matcha Green Tea Extract Specification: 

Matcha Green Tea Extract

Extraction source

Tea Leaf

Active ingredients

Matcha Tea Powder




Food grade,


Green powder

Heavy metal

0.001ppm max

Total Plate









For 0.5kgs to 5kgs, Aluminum foil bags + Aseptic   bag vacuum packaging

For 25kgs, double-layer Aseptic bag + Paper Drums

Shelf Life

2 years when properly stored

Matcha Green Tea Extract Main Function:

⒈Matcha Tea Powder can be used to Reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids.
⒉Matcha Tea Powder can be used to Remove radicals and anti-aging.
⒊Matcha Tea Powder can be used to Enhance the immune function and prevention of colds.
⒋Matcha Tea Powder can be used to Anti-radiation,anti-cancer.
⒌Matcha Tea Powder can be used to Prevent and cure cardiovascular disease, diabetes. 

Matcha Green Tea Extract Application:

⒈Matcha Green Tea Extract can be used in Health Products.

⒉Matcha Green Tea Extract can be used in Food and Beverage products..


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