Why Matcha is so expensive?

- Aug 05, 2020-

Matcha green tea does not have a standardized scoring system. which means that any company can refer to their product as a "ceremony level." But it may be equivalent to another company's cooking class. So how do you know the quality of matcha is good? Check five things: color, texture, origin, ingredients and price.

High-quality matcha green tea is a vibrant bright green. Avoid using that looks dusty, gray or yellow.

The texture of the ceremonial matcha is very good. If the matcha looks grainy or is very clumpy, the quality is poor.

Matcha green tea

Don't use cheaper matcha because it may be contaminated and mixed with fillers such as rice or corn starch.

If you are looking for pure matcha green tea, be sure to check the ingredients list. Sometimes it looks as if you're getting a lot of matcha at a high price, but you find that matcha has been diluted with rice fillers or cornstarch.

The ultimate indicator of true ritual matcha is price. For 30 grams of matcha, most ceremonial matcha prices range from $25 to $30. Anything cheaper, it may be a lower grade matcha, with a more bitter taste. On our website, you will know more about it.

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