Where is Yohimbe Extract Plant Source?

- Oct 20, 2020-

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree native to southwestern Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon and Congo. The bark of this African tree species can be used for medicinal purposes. Because of its medicinal value, the yohimbe tree has been over-harvested, the tree species is currently in danger of extinction.

Yohimbe leaves are soaked in their tea as food. As a result, the genitals of the local people are particularly developed and their reproductive ability is also particularly strong. Africans have processed this plant into an herbal version of Avia.

yohimbe tree

Yohimbe is an active substance extracted from the bark of a natural tree species "YOHIMBE" that grows in Africa. Yohimbine acts on the blood vessels of the penis. It can expand the blood vessels of the sex organs, increase the blood flow of the sex organs, increase the formation of nitrous oxide, and enhance sexual function. This is a pure plant system for treating erectile dysfunction that is relatively certain and most used. It can also prevent enlarged prostate and urinary system infections.

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