Where is Thyme Extract coming from?

- Jul 07, 2020-

Thyme extract is a whole grass extract of lip-shaped plant thymusmongolicusRonn, a thyme pepper commonly known as ground pepper, with aroma and mild aroma, fresh and charming, its fragrance is praised as "a paradise of dawn".It mainly contains volatile oils, flavonoids, triamcinolone compounds, organic acids, trace elements and so on. There are antibacterial, anti-fat oxidation, anti-tumor and anti-thrombosis and other drug efficacy, Thyme extract can be used as pharmaceutical raw materials and used in related pharmaceutical preparations.

Its extract is widely used in essential oil production, edible products and daily cosmetics and so on.

◆Source Plants: Lip-shaped plant thymusmongolicus Ronn's whole grass.

◆Alias: Thyme, ground ginger, ground pepper, ountain pepper, mosquito grass, thyme.

Thyme extract

◆Plant form:

A small perennial herb-like shrub with a strong aroma. Its stem is thin, creeping on the ground, 20-40cm long; Its twigs are slanting up, and are green or fuchsia, with white short pubescent. The leaves are opposite, and the leaves are elliptic lanceolate or linear lanceolate. It has a blunt tip, sparsely white long hairs, glandular spots on both sides, with short stalks or near short stalks. Its calyx is bell shaped, two lip shaped, throat dense with white long hair, outside is sparsely covered with white short hair and glandular spots; its corolla is light purple red, two lips, upper lip is wide oval, apex 2-lobed, lower lip 3-lobed; stamens 4, 2-strong, beyond corolla; pistil 1, stigma 2-lobed. Nutlet oval, dark brown. The flowering period is from June to September. The fruit period is from August to October.

◆Habitat and distribution:

It is distributed in the temperate regions of Europe and Asia, and China is mainly distributed in the area of 1100-3600 meters above the Yellow River. There is distribution. It usually grows in rocky mountains, streams, slopes, valleys, ravines, roadsides and weeds.

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