What Should You Know About Capsaicin

- May 29, 2019-

What is Capsaicin ?

Capsaicin is a high value-added product extracted from the heat of the Solanaceae plant. It is an extremely spicy vanillyl alkaloid. It was first discovered by DJ Bennet et al. using chromatographic and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy methods to analyze the chemical composition. The secondary metabolites of the genus Capsicum are derived from amino acids and are mainly found in the endodermal tissue of capsicum fruit. (Seeds) and membrane tissue, the content is about 0.1% to 0.4%, and the content of peel and seeds is very small. It has pharmacological effects such as anti-inflammatory analgesic, cardiovascular protection, anti-cancer and digestive system protection. Ointment made in medicine has special analgesic effect on rheumatoid arthritis, herpes zoster, bruises, etc. It can be used in health care, weight loss, etc. Combined with morphine can prolong the time of analgesia, especially for advanced cancer. In addition, with the adjustment of the concentration of pepper, it can also be widely used in the food industry, military ammunition, and pest control.


Physical and chemical properties

Pure Capsaicin product is white monoclinic rectangular flaky crystal, non-toxic, easy to produce strong irritating odor at high temperature; usually melting point is 62-65 ° C, boiling point is 210-220 ° C; high chemical stability, soluble in ethanol, An organic solvent such as petroleum ether, acetone, chloroform or benzene, by which the crude extract of capsaicin can be dissolved and crystallized to obtain high-purity capsaicin; since the phenolic hydroxyl group is weakly acidic, it is also soluble. Strong base, slightly soluble in carbon disulfide, insoluble in cold water; easy to hydrolyze, weakly acidic after hydrolysis, can be determined by color reaction with film reagent

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