What is Wild yam extract good for?

- Jul 31, 2019-

Wild yam extract is the essence extracted from wild yam. Here we introduce wild yam, wild yam adapted to soil loose and fertile, well-drained sandy soil planting and hillside planting. We generally dig in spring and autumn to remove the roots and skin.

Compared with the cultivation of yam, the effect of wild yam is greater. The right amount of food can be used to strengthen the spleen and stomach to help digestion, lower blood sugar, etc., but the contraindications are relatively more. If you eat wild yam and then eat fish, it will cause diarrhea. Abdominal pain, nausea, etc., so be sure to pay attention, do not mix with other foods.

I will introduce you the efficacy of wild yam:

1. Jianpi Yiwei helps digestion

Conducive to the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, it is a dual-use product for the spleen and stomach.

2. Ziyin and kidney

Strong body, can alleviate kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission, women with vaginal discharge, frequent urination and other symptoms.

3. Lower blood sugar

Has the effect of lowering blood sugar. It can be used to treat diabetes and is a therapeutic food for people with diabetes.

4. Yangfei

Yam contains saponin, mucus, lubricity, moisturizing effect, can be used to treat cough and cough.

5. Maintenance

Wild yam contains vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively prevent the deposition of blood lipids in the blood vessel wall, prevent heart and blood diseases, and achieve the effect of benefiting the mind and prolonging life.

Here we focus on the role of wild yam in women: the medical value of wild yam has long been explored by herbalists and drug manufacturers. In the 18th and 19th centuries, this herb was used to treat menstrual menstruation and fertility-related diseases. Subsequent substances found in wild yam brought a revolution to the pharmaceutical industry. The tuber of wild yam (not to be confused with potatoes), the fleshy, root-like part, contains diosgenin, a steroid substance that can be converted to the female hormone progesterone. Diosgenin plays a key role in hormone secretion and contraceptives, and these two are the two most important botanical drugs of the century. Wild yam has been used to treat morning sickness, vomiting, inflammation, convulsions and other health problems caused by menstrual pain.

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