What is the role of milk thistle fruit extract in skin care products?

- Aug 24, 2020-

In general, the effect of milk thistle fruit extract is: anti-wrinkle, keep the collagen structure in the skin unchanged, thereby preventing the generation of wrinkles. Improve the smoothness and firmness of the skin and reduce the depth of wrinkles. There is also a relationship with the saccharification of the skin, preventing the saccharification of the skin, so as to remove the yellow and brighten the skin.

Let us talk about the mechanism of action of milk thistle fruit extract:

Saccharification reaction:

The non-enzymatic reaction between reducing sugars and free amine groups of proteins, and the resulting cross-linked proteins are collectively called AGEs. Just like bread made with flour (reducing sugar), a layer of egg liquid (protein) is rinsed on top, and then in the oven, it becomes browned, which is called saccharification.

milk thistle fruit extract

Glycation reaction and skin aging:

In normal skin, sugar molecules and collagen are in peace, there is no emotion, and they will not mess together. If they are unwilling to be lonely with each other and mess together, they will have a messy glycation reaction. Although a slow but irreversible reaction, the structure of collagen will also change.

Result: The skin loses its elasticity and fullness, while wrinkles and yellowing of the skin occur. High glucose concentration, oxidative stress (triggered by ultraviolet light) and aging all accelerate the glycation reaction.

Silybum marianum extract captures and neutralizes free radicals, inhibits the production of malondialdehyde, thereby inhibiting the saccharification reaction.

An ingredient used in conjunction with milk thistle fruit extract: carnosine. Carnosine is a di-peptide substance that exists in the human body. It plays a role in the glycation reaction. It competes with skin proteins (collagen) for sugar molecules (that is, prevents collagen and sugar molecules from being together), thereby inhibiting the glycation reaction.

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