What is the role of magnolol in Magnolia Bark Extract Powder?

- Nov 19, 2020-

Many people will mix magnolol 10%-98% and 90% Magnolia Bark Extract together. In fact, different product specifications can exert different effects and functions or molecular formulas. we must pay attention when considering. What are the specific effects of magnolol, let’s take a closer look.

Magnolia Bark

The magnolol 10%-98% and 90% magnolia bark extract are of different specifications, but presenting common specifications on the market. The proportions of magnolia powder are also different. The same, so the effects and effects that can be exerted are also different. Generally, they are the effective ingredients extracted from pure natural Magnolia Bark. For example, extracted from dried bark, the main active ingredients are Honobarb powder and total phenols of magnolia bark, which are difficult to dissolve in water, but are very easy to dissolve in some dilute alkali solutions, which can produce sodium salt.

Magnolia Bark Extract

Magnolia Bark extracts are mostly brown or white powders, with a little aromatic and bitter smell. They are very effective for reducing swelling, relieving cough and strengthening the spleen and stomach, and have a certain antibacterial effect. In clinical practice, it is generally used as an anti-fungal drug, an anti-tumor drug, or an antioxidant drug, it is used to make pills, tablets, or capsules, etc, which is convenient to carry.

magnolol 10%-98%

Now we have a detailed understanding of the role of magnolol, an extract of Magnolia officinalis. We must pay attention to changes in chemical properties when buying. After we finish the purchase, we must pay attention to the storage, avoid moisture, and avoid the stimulation of strong light. Generally, the shelf life is two years. It is recommended to use it within two years.

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