What is the important indicator of pure propolis quality?

- Mar 30, 2021-

Pure Propolis is an opaque solid, brown, brown-red or gray-brown, sometimes green, and a few are similar to black. The surface is smooth or rough, the broken face is sandy, the cut surface is similar to marble. Natural fresh propolis has a lovely resin fragrance, it emits frankincense when burned, it is slightly bitter, slightly spicy, and sticky when chewing. 

Pure Propolis

Propolis are adhesive and plastic on a certain degree . It starts to soften at 36°C, becomes hard and brittle at 15°C, it can be crushed. It melts into a viscous liquid at 60.70°C and separates beeswax. The density of propolis varies with different collected plants, generally 1.112 ~ 1.136 m3131. propolis is a resin substance, which is easily soluble in ether, chloroform, acetone, benzene and 2% NaOH solution with a mass fraction of 2%, and ethanol with a volume fraction of 95%. the propolis solution is transparent, but as the concentration of propolis increases, granular precipitates will precipitate.


The ethanol extract of propolis can reflect the quality and the grade of pure propolis. the level of high-quality propolis is generally more than 75%. first-class products are 65%~75% , the 60%~65% is the second-class product, 55%-60% is the third-class product, Less than 50% are rejects.

The chemical composition of pure propolis is very complex. The pharmacological activity is also varied. The chemical composition in different producing areas around the world often varies greatly, which depends on the specificity of the plants where it was collected and the local climate characteristics. Under normal sunny conditions, propolis is composed of 50%-55% resin aromatic oil, 30%. It is composed of 40% beeswax, 5% and 10% pollen. The compounds mainly include flavonoid compounds and organic acid compounds, esters, aldehydes, alcohol compounds, alkenes, hydrocarbons, and terpenoids. In addition, propolis also contains VB. , VPP, VA, VC, VE, a variety of amino acids, more than 10 kinds of minerals and more than 20 kinds of trace elements.

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