What is the health effect of echinacea extract?

- Sep 14, 2020-

Nowadays when health care products are receiving attention, many health care products now mainly contain plant extracts, such as echinacea extract, which has become a substance contained in current major products, especially because of the substance. Containing some active ingredients, then what health effects will the substance have and what effects can it bring?

If you currently understand the its extract, you will find that it contains a variety of active ingredients, such as polyphenols, and some polysaccharides, so it can improve the phagocytic ability of macrophages in the body, so that it can affect the body. The immune system has a certain stimulation, which can then regulate the immune system of the body, especially to improve people's body immunity, including the caffeic acid derivatives contained therein, which can also enhance the activity of the body's cells.

echinacea extract

Not only that, but the echinacea extract also contains glycosides, so this type of substance is very good in antibacterial, especially it can inhibit the virus in the body, such as against influenza virus, and herpes. And so on, which have a good resistance effect, it then can inhibit the activity of the virus, including the activity of the cell virus, so it can be against some common infections, including colds, etc., which will have a certain improvement effect.

In addition, echinacea extract, but also for all types of inflammation have a strong resistance effect, can enhance people's body immunity and promote the synthesis of proteins in the body, so it can improve all kinds of infections and other conditions, Therefore, it has become a substance contained in many current health products. It is precisely because of such substances, In order to complete the improvement and adjustment of people's body.

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