What is the effect of Jujube powder?

- Sep 24, 2019-

Jujube powder contains a variety of biologically active substances, such as jujube polysaccharides, flavonoids, saponins, triterpenoids, alkaloids, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), etc. A health care effect. It mainly has the following effects:

Jujube powder anti-tumor

The cAMP in jujube powder is involved in many physiological and biochemical processes such as cell division and differentiation, morphogenesis, glycogen and lipolysis, steroid production, and can act on gene transcription and affect protein synthesis.


The rich vitamin C in jujube powder has strong antioxidant activity and promotes collagen synthesis. It can participate in the redox reaction of tissue cells and is related to the metabolism of various substances in the body. Adequate vitamin C can promote growth and development. Physical strength and fatigue reduction.

Lowering blood pressure and lowering cholesterol

The vitamin P content in jujube powder is the crown of all fruits and vegetables, which has the function of maintaining capillary permeability, improving microcirculation and preventing arteriosclerosis, and promoting vitamin C accumulation in the human body. In addition, the soap substances contained in the red dates have the functions of regulating human metabolism, enhancing immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic reaction, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol content;

Liver protection and liver protection

Fructose, glucose, oligosaccharides and acid polysaccharides in jujube powder are involved in liver protection and liver protection. Jujube can significantly increase serum total protein and albumin in rabbits with carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury. In the clinical, red dates can be used for adjuvant treatment of chronic hepatitis and early cirrhosis.

Improve immunity

Jujube polysaccharide is an important active substance in jujube powder, which has obvious complement activity and promotes lymphocyte proliferation, which can improve the body immunity.

Prevention and treatment of insufficient blood supply to the brain

The flavonoids in jujube powder can prevent and treat cerebral ischemia and protect the brain tissue from ultrastructural damage caused by cerebral ischemia.


Edible jujube powder can treat allergic purpura. This is mainly because the human body ingests sufficient cAMP, the cAMP content in the immune cells also increases, thereby inhibiting the immune response and achieving an anti-allergic effect; the ethyl-D-glucopyranoside derivative in the red date is 5 Serotonin and histamine have an antagonistic effect and are therefore anti-allergic.

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