What is the effect of Citrus Aurantium Extract?

- Jul 03, 2020-

Modern pharmacological research shows that Citrus Aurantium Extract has the pharmacological effect of regulating gastrointestinal movement, regulating uterine function, boosting, strong heart, antioxidant, antibacterial, analgesic, anti-thrombosis and so on.

◆Effects on the gastrointestinal tract

The water extract of immature dried fruits of Citrus Aurantium has a bidirectional regulation effect on gastrointestinal and uterine smooth muscle, which can not only promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also reduce smooth muscle tension and exert antispasmodic effects.In vivo gastrointestinal smooth muscle excitation is produced by cholinergic pathway activation and inhibition of nitric oxide synthase activity in nerve fibers, while in vitro inhibition is achieved by nitric oxide and adrenergic system, and its efficacy is derived from flavonoids and volatile oil compounds. Water extract can also improve gastric drainage in functional indigestion rats, the mechanism may be related to the distribution of p substances in gastric sinus tissue, increased distribution of gastric kinetics and the reduction of vascular active bowel peptides. Volatile oil in immature dried fruit is significantly stronger than the stomach power effect, while flavonoids accelerate bowel peristalsis with stronger than volatile oils. Citrus Aurantium volatile oil is used in medicine to treat gastritis and other conditions. In vitro biological analysis found that volatile oil can effectively protect aqueous ethanol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs induced stomach damage, which does not affect the secretion of stomach acid and stomach mucosa in serum gastric progenitor and gluthiatin levels, it may be by maintaining PGE2 concentration to increase the production of gastric mucus and achieve gastric protection.

Citrus Aurantium

◆Effects on the central nervous system

Citrus Aurantium is widely used to improve anxiety ,it is associated with its central nervous system. The elevated cross maze test found that volatile oil of lime peel can reduce anxiety in mice. Further use of light and dark boxes and marble burying behavior test confirmed that volatile oil has a certain improvement effect on generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive (mental) disorder in mice. Its volatile oil can also significantly reduce the number of writhing reactions in mice caused by acetic acid and the number of spontaneous activities of mice, showing a certain degree of analgesic effect and central inhibitory effect. In addition, Citrus Aurantium p-p-hydroxyfolin extract can also effectively reduce the spontaneous activity of mice, and its water extract has the same depression relief effect as imipramine.

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