What is the benefit of Siberian ginseng extract?

- Jul 29, 2019-

Siberian ginseng extract has the same effect as ginseng. It can help the body resist stress, resist fatigue, and enhance mental agility. It is a traditional Chinese health herb that enhances body resistance and immune function. Recent studies have shown that Siberian ginseng can improve the oxygen use of muscles during exercise, which in turn can increase exercise endurance and accelerate recovery. The Siberian ginseng extract we introduced today is the essence extracted from this plant.

Siberian ginseng is a spiny shrub with a carrot-like root belonging to the Araliaceae plant. It is native to East Asian countries such as China, Japan and Russia. Westerners have only recently added this ginseng to natural medicines, but it is easy to confuse them with Chinese ginseng. These two herbs actually have different compound ingredients, but the effects are similar. This kind of plant is mainly distributed in Central China, East China, South China and Southwest China.

Let us take a look at the pharmacological effects of Siberian ginseng:

Modern medical research proves that the characteristics of Acanthopanax senticosus are basically the same as those of ginseng, and it has the function of regulating the body disorder and making it tend to normal. It has good anti-fatigue effect, is more remarkable than ginseng, and can obviously improve the ability to resist hypoxia.

Siberian ginseng can also have strong will, rheumatism, strong bones, blood circulation, stomach and diuretic functions. Long service "light and durable". Acanthopanax contains a noteworthy ingredient, Acanthopanax senticosus, which stimulates mental and physical vitality.

Numerous scientific publications on Acanthopanax have demonstrated their anti-fatigue effects, increased stamina and ability, increased agility and learning ability. Many uses have been confirmed in human experiments. Acanthopanax is a self-medication drug that recovers from illness, suffers from excessive stress or tension, overwork, chronic diseases that cause the body to be weak, and those who need to reach physiological and psychological performance peaks.

A considerable number of reports indicate that it supports the immune system, restores abnormal hypotension, improves the circulatory system, normalizes the metabolism of glucose and lipids, and anabolizes the liver, testes, bone density and other vital organs.

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