What is Synthetic Capsaicin?

- Oct 26, 2020-

Synthetic capsaicin (N-nonanoic acid vanillyl amide) is an alkaloid containing vanillyl amide, Vanillyl nonanoic acid in capsaicin has a strong pungent taste and very strong irritation.


Nonivamide Powder is a white or light yellow solid, the structural formula is C17H27NO3, the molecular weight is 293.4, the melting point is 56-58℃. It can be extracted from natural peppers or synthesized by chemical methods. It is widely used in medicine, military, biological pesticides, Chemical coatings and food and health care fields.

The demand for synthetic capsaicin is increasing year by year. However, the current synthesis method is relatively traditional, the production cost is high, while the output is low and the yield in the reduction step is low, there is also a competitive reaction in the final condensation reaction, and the selectivity of the product is not High, there are many by-products, low yield, The post-processing method adopts column chromatography combined with recrystallization, which not only wastes a lot of organic solvents, but also makes it difficult to scale up to achieve industrial production.

For the first time, the process realized the industrial production of synthetic capsaicin using recrystouting directly instead of column layering method , avoiding the use of column lithography combined with recrystation recrystation, saving a lot of organic solvents and reducing production costs. The key step reaction does not require high-temperature operation, which can be produced at room temperature. A satisfactory product can be obtained by simple post-processing. the process truly achieves green, pollution-free and safe production.

Technical index:

The total yield of the three steps reached 71%. The proton nuclear magnetic spectrum, melting point, infrared, liquid phase and other tests are consistent with the purchased analytical pure product. The product is tested by high performance liquid chromatography and the purity is over 97%.

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