What is synephrine hydrochloride used for?

- Oct 13, 2020-

◆Effect on blood pressure:

In pharmacology, synephrine hydrochloride is used as a decongestant to treat hypotension in an oral form. With 10 healthy adults as subjects, the study on the effects of dietary supplements containing lime extract on hemodynamics has shown that some dietary supplements can increase blood pressure and cardiovascular stimulation in subjects with normal blood pressure. The multi-component formula is synergistic with caffeine and other stimulants. Animal experiments have shown that synephrine hcl and lime extract increase blood pressure. After taking lime extract (6% synephrine hcl) and 8 ounces of fruit juice (containing approximately 13-14 mg synephrine hcl) for six consecutive weeks, it was found that the subjects’ blood pressure did not have any significant effect.

Synephrine Hydrochloride Effect on blood pressure

Evaluating the effect of synephrine hydrochloride on blood pressure may require a longer study period.

There are also reports in the literature that synephrine has a significant boosting effect, strengthens myocardial contractility, slows down heart rate and increases cardiac output, increases coronary flow, and increases renal blood flow.

◆Effect on diabetes:

The effect of Citrus aurantium extract on the antioxidant defense function of the liver in experimental diabetic mice. High, medium, and low doses of Citrus aurantium extract were used to gavage diabetic mice to observe the antioxidant capacity of the liver and liver tissue morphology Learning changes. Compared with the diabetic model group, the Citrus aurantium extract treatment group had a significant decrease in blood glucose level (p<0.05), a significant increase in glutathione content (p<0.05), glutathione peroxidase activity, malondialdehyde and The content of nitrogen oxides was significantly reduced (p<0.01), and the activity of more than oxide dismutase increased.


Under the light microscope, the liver tissue cell damage in the Citrus aurantium extract treatment group was lower than that of the diabetes group, indicating that the Citrus aurantium extract can enhance the liver's antioxidant capacity and reduce liver cell damage.

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