What is Sodium lauryl sulfate?

- Sep 08, 2019-

Sodium lauryl sulfate is an anionic surfactant mainly used as an emulsifier, fire extinguishing agent, foaming agent and textile auxiliaries, electroplating additives, and also used as a foaming agent for toothpaste and paste, powder and shampoo.

In clinical transdermal administration, the rate of percutaneous penetration of some drugs does not meet the therapeutic requirements due to the barrier action of the stratum corneum. It is therefore sought to improve the transdermal absorption of drugs to aid in the selection of drugs for transdermal administration and to promote the development of transdermal administration. The surfactant sodium lauryl sulfate is often used as a transdermal absorption enhancer to promote the transdermal absorption of the drug. Due to the action of sodium lauryl sulfate, the membrane structure of the stratum corneum lipid is destroyed and the cavity is formed, thereby increasing The permeability of the epidermis will facilitate the transdermal absorption of the drug.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is used as an emulsifier for vinyl chloride emulsion polymerization, an emulsifier for polymerization such as synthetic rubber, an antistatic agent for spinning synthetic fibers, a detergent for textiles, a dyeing aid, a toothpaste foaming agent, and a tablet disintegrating agent. , ointment emulsifier and foaming agent and collector used in non-ferrous metal beneficiation, mine fire extinguishing agent, etc.

Sodium lauryl sulfate can be used to catalyze the synthesis of benzoic acid; it can be combined with other substances to form a metal treatment material to prevent abrasion; vegetable and fruit detergent composition, vegetable and fruit detergent can also contain sodium lauryl sulfate; toothpaste contains sodium lauryl sulfate, not only It has the effect of oral cleaning, and can effectively prevent dental diseases including apical periodontitis, wisdom tooth pericoronitis, periodontitis, dentin hypersensitivity, dental trauma, and oral diseases.

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