What is silymarin?

- Aug 10, 2020-


Suitable for: liver health; The seeds of milk thistle have extraordinary ability in liver protection. It has been proven to treat hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis. "According to our analysis," said Mark Blumencer, executive director of the American Plant Council, "a large number of established studies support the effects of milk thistle seeds on the liver." In 2010, NIH-NCCAM showed its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties in studying the effect of silymarin on hepatitis C liver disease. Since most drugs are metabolized by the liver, many herbalists recommend that people who need it be taxed. It can relieve hangover symptoms and is also used to increase breast milk production and treat depression.

Overview of milk thistle and raw materials:

Milk thistle is an annual herb native to India and later introduced into Europe and South America. In 1972, the Xi'an Botanical Garden was successfully introduced and cultivated in Germany, and in 1977, it was successfully introduced and cultivated in northern China. After it grows well, it is planted on a large scale. It likes a warm and dry climate and has strong adaptability. The soil requirements are not strict. However, it is difficult to harvest, such as a large number of plantings that require mechanical operations.

Silymarin and its components:

It has been used in milk thistle products for the longest time and has the widest range. It is a class of flavonoids and has 6 different components. Its composition and content of each part are shown in the figure below:


Silybum marianum is a kind of plant material that can be used comprehensively, and full utilization can reflect its good economic value. The early use of milk thistle was limited to silymarin. In recent years, the value of other products has been discovered. The composition of milk thistle products is shown in the figure below:

milk thistle products

As can be seen from the above figure, the output of silymarin in the milk thistle product is actually not a large share, but its value is the highest of all products, and its price will be explained later. The output of milk thistle meal is the largest, but the output of milk thistle oil is not high. To produce one kilogram ,the raw material can produce about 3.8kg of oil.

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