What is Pterostilbene Powder?

- Sep 30, 2019-

Pterostilbene is an active ingredient derived from plants such as red sandalwood, blueberry, grape and flower palm. Although scientists have discovered the presence of pterostilbene in other plants, it was first discovered in red sandalwood, so it named the pterostilbene.

The Pterostilbene Powder is a white or off-white powder crystal, which has rich medicinal value and belongs to the antifungal active ingredient in blood products, and has certain effects on the treatment of cancer, hypertension and hyperlipemia. Recently, researchers have mastered the industrial synthesis method of pterostilbene.

Pterostilbene is an antifungal active ingredient in blood products. It is a polyhydroxy stilbene compound and is a homologue of resveratrol. Its pharmacological action is similar to that of resveratrol. Antifungal activity (the antifungal activity is five times that of resveratrol), the bioavailability is higher and more stable than resveratrol.

The effect of pterostilbene on the treatment of cholesterol:

Pterostilbene activates PPARα, which lowers LDL, even better than ciprofibrate, and is the only ester that has been tested. Pterostilbene can increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and reduce bad low-density lipoprotein.

Treatment of diabetes with pterostilbene:

Pterostilbene reduces the blood glucose level of diabetic patients better than biopharmaceutical metformin (antidiabetic, hypoglycemic), and uses less dose.

Anti-inflammatory effects of pterostilbene:

Pterostilbene reduces the production of inflammatory cellular molecules TNFα, IL1β and IL4 in the colonic membrane of mice. Therefore, it can play an anti-inflammatory (medicine) role. Pterostilbene is shown not only to reduce the spread of iNOS and COX-2 in colon adenocarcinoma, but also to prevent the spread of iNOS in colon cancer cells.

Antioxidant effect of pterostilbene:

Pterostilbene is considered to be a powerful natural antioxidant that can fight cell proliferation, lower blood fat, inhibit COX-1 and COX-2, fight cancer and fight fungi. At the same time, pterostilbene and resveratrol have similar antioxidant potential.

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