What is Podophyllotoxin?

- Jul 28, 2019-

Chinese herbal medicine Podophyllotoxin have been recorded, with the solution of 100 poison, killing large poison equivalent. The podophyllotoxin is mainly a lignin active ingredient extracted from the roots and stems of the genus Podophyllum, also known as scorpion scorpion (also known as chicken oleracea and peach VII). Recent studies and clinical practice have proved that podophyllotoxin can be used to synthesize anticancer drugs in addition to the treatment of condyloma acuminata and inhibit herpes virus.

Recent studies have found that podophyllotoxin, a microtubule depolymerization drug, can significantly increase the transfection of DNA liposomes on cultured vascular smooth muscle cells and increase the efficiency of transgene expression, like colchicine, vinblastine, and vincristine. This drug-gene combination therapy has important clinical application value and needs further exploration.

Its role still has the following points:


The preferred treatment for genital warts is 0.5% podophyllotoxin. Clinical trials have shown that podophyllotoxin and compounds obtained from Podophyllum can effectively destroy the DNA of human papillomavirus (HPV) in condyloma acuminata, which is most effective with podophyllotoxin cryotherapy;

2. Other effects

In addition to anti-tumor and anti-viral effects, podophyllotoxin and its derivatives can also resist inflammation and inhibit immunity. It has been reported that an effective amount of podophyllotoxin can be used as an analgesic to treat female genital pain. Podophyllotoxins also treat psoriasis, malaria, rheumatoid joints

Inflammation, schizophrenia, cluster alopecia, systemic lupus erythematosus, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, etc., can also be used as radiation protectants, antiparasitic agents, insecticides and plant growth inhibitors. As a plant insecticide, it can reduce environmental pollution and has applied for a Chinese patent.

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