What is Damiana extract?

- Sep 24, 2019-

Damiana is a green dwarf tree unique to Mexico and Central and North America. The Spanish missionaries first recorded that the Mexican Indians used the boiled Damiana leaves as an aphrodisiac. The Damiana extract is the active ingredient extracted from this green plant species.

There is some limited evidence that it can reduce anxiety, but since Damianalar is a fairly good source of apigenin, these effects may extend to any apigenin-containing plant. Other properties of the plant include stimulant and diuretic properties, as well as laxatives and diarrhea.

The English name of the Turner leaves, aphrodisiaca, is an aphrodisiac, and it is actually a libido enhancer. Central Americans see Turner leaves for aphrodisiac suitable for men and women, and maintain healthy sexual function after taking. Its aphrodisiac effect may be attributed to its gentle stimulation of the central nervous system and the hormonal system, enhancing the body's sensitivity and energy. Some herb experts believe that Turner leaves can slightly stimulate the male urethra, which makes the penis more sensitive and more responsive to sexual stimulation. In the private sector, it is used for therapeutic incompetence. Damiana is known for its ability to stimulate male hormones and improve sexual performance. It is natural and harmless. The chemical composition of Damiana is quite complex and some ingredients are not completely recognized. Known gonzalitosin (cyanogic glycoside) arbutin tannic acid and damianin (brown bitter substance) leaves also contain beta-sitosterol. These ingredients increase the length of the penis and improve sexual performance. Has a very significant effect.

At present, the medical profession is still studying the medical value of Damiana, and some people use it to relieve anxiety, lower blood sugar levels, and antibacterial. There are also small studies that have shown that it can lose weight, but these need further research. Its most important and widest application is still on the aphrodisiac.

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