What is Centella asiatica extract good for?

- Aug 06, 2019-

The plant extract introduced to you today is extracted from the plant of Centella asiatica. The name "Centella" sounds beautiful, so what kind of effect does this kind of plant have? Let's start by introducing you to the following:

Centella asiatica detoxification, dampness and swelling. It is a longevity medicine for the oriental people. Studies have shown nourishing, anti-inflammatory, healing wounds, diuretic laxative and calming effects. It is also effective against leprosy and ulcers, and has an activation effect on blood purification and immunity, as it can stimulate the replacement of deep skin cells. It is a nerve tonic that can improve memory and reduce mental fatigue. It can also lower blood pressure and treat liver diseases.

Pharmacological effects:

Inhibition of fibrous tissue hyperplasia

Centella asiatica inhibits collagen fibers and has the effect of inhibiting fibrous tissue proliferation.

2. Promote skin growth

Rabbit intramuscular injection can promote skin growth, local leukocytosis, increased connective tissue vascular network, increased mucus secretion, accelerated skin growth, and inhibition of skin ulcers.

3. Calm and stable

The sputum contained in Centella asiatica has sedative and stable effects on mice and rats, and this effect is mainly on the cholinergic system in the central nervous system. The alcohol extract has no analgesic effect.

4. Effects on skin tissue

Centella asiatica can treat skin ulcers such as intractable wounds, skin tuberculosis, leprosy, etc. Intramuscular or subcutaneous implantation of mice, guinea pigs, rabbits can promote skin growth, local leukocytosis, connective tissue vascular network hyperplasia, increased mucus secretion, and accelerated growth of hair and tail. It has been reported to use a cream containing 0.20-1% alcohol extract of Centella asiatica (including asiatic acid, centella asiatica) (which also contains embryonic or young cattle, pig or sheep skin, liver, brain The hydroalcoholic extract) has a good effect in treating skin diseases.

5. Heat and dampness

Treatment of sore throat, mouth sores, headache, body heat, thirst and so on.

6. Promote blood circulation

For bruises and swelling, insect bites, joint swelling and so on.

7. Antibacterial anti-inflammatory

Treatment of herpes zoster caused by viruses or bacteria, dysentery; damp heat jaundice; edema; Can also be used for erysipelas; sputum;

8. Stop bleeding

For hematuria, blood stasis, dysmenorrhea, uterine bleeding, blood in the stool, hemorrhoids hemorrhage, stomach bleeding, traumatic bleeding and other bleeding, hemostasis and pain relief.

9. Improve memory

Modern medical research has found that Centella asiatica has the effect of improving memory. Rosemary also has similar effects. It often smells the essential oil made from rosemary and regulates the brain stress hormone cortisol, so that you can stay awake at all times.

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