what is Capsaicin?

- Nov 16, 2016-


Also Known As

Chili extract, Hot pepper extract, trans-8-methyl-N-Vanilyl-6-nonenamide, Capsaicinoids



Capsaicin is a chili pepper extract with analgesic properties. Capsaicin is a neuropeptide releasing agent selective for primary sensory peripheral neurons. Used topically, capsaicin aids in controlling peripheral nerve pain. This agent has been used experimentally to manipulate substance P and other tachykinins. In addition, capsaicin may be useful in controlling chemotherapy- and radiotherapy-induced mucositis.



Do Not Confuse With

Piperine (Black Pepper extract)


Capsaicin, the exact molecule found in hot peppers that burns your face off, acts via adrenaline receptors and TRPV1 (like Evodia rutaecarpa) to increase heat quickly. Can burn body fat with minimal potency, fight Inflammation with decent potency, and prevent cancer with indeterminate potency.