What happen if poeple lack vitamin b12​?

- Oct 11, 2019-

Vitamin B12 is one of the nutrients and elements that human body needs. Studies have shown that human bodies can store vitamin B12, which can supply the human body for six years. In general, people will not be deficient in vitamin B12. But with age, the ability of the human body to absorb vitamin B12 through food becomes weaker. So what are vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms ?

Vitamin B12

In addition to serious anemia, inadequate intake of vitamin B12 can lead to the following deficiency symptoms:

First, it is easy to fall asleep and often doze off.

Because vitamin B12 is an organ that carries oxygen for human red blood cells. If vitamin B12 is deficient, it will lead to insufficient oxygen supply to human blood and oxygen deficiency in human organs, which will lead to muscle weakness, poor spirit  and memory declines. This is just the one of vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms. Let’s look at the next symptoms. 

fall asleep

Second, it is easy to feel numbness in their hands and feet.

Some women who are fifty years old that they often feel needle-pricking on their bodies, but they can't find a place to prepare when they touch them. This is because the body lacks the response to nerve damage caused by vitamin B12.


Third, the appearance of wax yellow symptoms.

Because they are lacking bilirubin pigments in the blood. Others have glossy, reddish tongues, but occasionally burning sensations occur in the lower part of the tongue, which is also caused by lacking vitamin B12. In serious cases, loss of the ability to distinguish between tastes. In addition, lacking B12 can damage the optic nerve or block the retinal blood vessels to cause visual impairment. But the above problems can be alleviated by timely and appropriate vitamin B12 supplementation.


Fourth, it is likely to be anxious and depressed than usual.

Because the two substances 5-hydroxytryptamine and dopamine in vitamin B12, participate in the synthesis of brain chemicals, have a certain role in regulating mood.


Therefore, you don't underestimate this insignificant vitamin B12, its role and efficacy is very great. It can promote the development and maturation of human red blood cells and make the human hematopoietic function normal. It can prevent malignant anemia and maintain nervous system health. Therefore, you need intake some fruits and milk or eat some products about vitamin B12,such as vitamin B12 oil, vitamin B12 powder and so on.