What does pterostilbene do for the body?

- Nov 23, 2020-

1. Inhibit melanin.

Pterostilbene has a strong ability to inhibit melanin, even surpassing Glycyrrhizin, which is called "whitening gold", it has a highly effective anti-freckle effect.

Pterostilbene Inhibit melanin

2. Inhibit tyrosinase.

Tyrosinase is a key enzyme for melanin synthesis. The IC50 value of the half inhibitory concentration of glycyrrhizin called "whitening gold" on tyrosinase is the lowest among all products. it is slightly lower than glycyrrhizin, but Obviously better than other whitening materials VC, arbutin, etc.

3. Anti-oxidation.

Free radicals abound everywhere, both from the body and from the outside world. When the free radicals in the human body exceed a certain amount, they will cause all kinds of harm to our body. Free radicals in the air will directly attack the skin, snatch electrons from the skin cells, make the skin lose its elasticity, rough and aging produce wrinkles, and aggravate the oxidative damage of the skin. Pterostilbene has excellent antioxidant properties. Its oxygen free radical absorption ORAC value is as high as 12508μmol trolox equivalents/g, which is 3 times that of Vc and Glycyrrhizin; its ability to inhibit DPPH free radicals is slightly lower than Vc.

Inhibit melanin

Inhibit tyrosinase


4. Resist ultraviolet rays.

The fibroblasts of mice treated with pterostilbene and untreated mice were irradiated with ultraviolet rays, the activity was determined by detecting the activity of the fibroblasts.

5. Anti-inflammatory effect.

There are some destructive enzymes in the human body, such as elastase and collagenase, which can destroy the skin structure, making the skin loose and age. it has a dual inhibitory ability and simultaneously inhibits two destructive enzymes.

  Resist ultraviolet rays



6. Anti-glycation.

The glycation reaction in the skin area means that the skin’s metabolism is too slow, which leads to excessive accumulation of reducing sugars. The sugars easily react with collagen and elastin in the skin to form irreversible brown terminal glycosylation products (AGEs). Collagen or elastin is denatured and cross-linked, and the skin appears wrinkled and becomes rough and dark yellow. Pterostilbene can reduce the content of cross-linked protein, inhibit glycation reaction, and reduce the production of AGEs, achieving the effect of dispelling yellow and anti-aging.

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