What Do You Know About Capsaicin Uses ?

- Apr 26, 2019-

1.  Medicine Field

Capsaicin has analgesic, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and protective effects on the cardiovascular and digestive systems. For example, capsaicin has obvious curative effects on chronic refractory neuralgia such as herpes zoster neuralgia, surgical neuralgia, diabetic neuralgia, joint pain and rheumatism; high-purity capsaicin-made detoxification has become a wide-ranging A highly effective new drug for detoxification; capsaicin also helps to treat various itching and skin diseases such as psoriasis, urticaria, eczema, and pruritus. In recent years, many scholars have found that the antibacterial effect of capsaicin is very obvious, and it can induce early and delayed myocardial protection. It also promotes appetite, enhances gastrointestinal motility, and improves digestive function. At the same time, further purification of capsaicin can effectively kill Dead cancer cells, reducing the possibility of cell cancer, opened up new ways of cancer treatment.

2. Military field

Capsaicin is widely used in the manufacture of tear gas, tear gas guns and defense weapons because of its non-toxic, spicy and stimulating properties. It has been widely used in some countries. In addition, the stimulating substance can cause a strong physiological reaction of the human body, causing uncomfortable symptoms such as cough, vomiting, and tearing, and thus can be used as a personal self-defense weapon or a uniform offender.

3. Biological Pesticide Field

Capsaicin is spicy, non-toxic, and has good contact and repellent effects on harmful organisms. As a new type of green pesticide, it has the incomparable advantages of other chemical synthetic pesticides, such as high efficacy, long-lasting effect and degradability. It is a new environmentally friendly bio-pesticide in the 21st century. Zou Huajiao's field test results show that 9% of capsaicin and nicotine microemulsion can effectively control cabbage caterpillars and rapeseed meal, which is an ideal drug to choose from.

4. Functional coatings

The bio-antifouling paint with capsaicinoids is applied to the outer shell of the ship. The strong spicy taste can prevent the adhesion of seaweed and marine organisms, effectively preventing the damage of aquatic organisms to the ship, replacing the organotin antifouling paint and reducing The pollution of sea water. In addition, capsaicin can also be used to produce anti-ant and anti-rat repellents to prevent damage to the cable. At present, artificially synthesized capsaicin has been used in this field in China.

5. Animal Feed industry

Capsaicin compounds can improve the digestive function of animals, promote appetite, and enhance blood circulation, so they can be used as food stomach. If the addition of the succulent to the feed will make up for the deficiencies of the traditional synthetic additives, which may cause toxic side effects, environmental pollution, and harm to human health, and also effectively prevent diseases such as diarrhea and inflammation of the animal.

6. Food industry

In people's daily life, low concentration of capsaicin is widely used as an excellent food additive, such as various spicy flavorings, spicy sauces, red pigments and the like. Capsaicin has the effect of strengthening the stomach, promoting appetite, and improving digestion. Especially in the humid cities of the south, people must eat every meal to help the body sweat. The capsaicin extracted from pepper is used as a food additive for food industry production. It not only realizes the effective utilization of Chinese pepper resources, but also ensures the full absorption of capsaicin, and has profound significance for China's food processing industry.

7. Weightloss & Healthcare field

Capsaicin can enhance the ability of fat metabolism, accelerate the burning of body fat, prevent its excessive accumulation, and thus achieve the purpose of weight control and weight loss.

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