What are the specific applications of garlic extract?

- Sep 02, 2020-

In our daily life, we often eat garlic, there are some substances in garlic, which can also play a great role. Just like garlic extract, it has a wide range of uses, for example, it is specifically used to kill Bacteria ,it plays a certain role in health care and at the same time promote the basic growth of the human body. garlic extract.jpg

From the basic situation of its extraction, the specific thing is to extract allicin from it. Such an extract can actually be widely sterilized ,it has a good effect of resisting bacteria. Its extract has the following effects:

1.Garlic extract is widely used in the feed industry. The main thing is to improve the quality of this feed. In many cases, it can also promote the food intake of the reared fish, thereby promoting the growth of the fish.

2.Its extract has a good effect on improving the immunity of fish, so that the fish are less sick; at the same time, its extract is also used in raising chickens and ducks, it can improve the production of chickens and eggs.

3.It can naturally also improve the related qualities of animals, so that in the process of using animals, it is also very delicious.

4. it can also have an anti-mold and a fresh-keeping. It is a non-toxic substance it basically does not have any side effects.

The last point is that garlic extract has a better resistance to coccidiosis, which has a good prevention and control, it has a real resistance to thrombosis. so it has a very wide range of applications.

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