What are the preparation methods of capsaicin?

- Nov 16, 2020-

At present, the preparation methods of capsaicin are:

1. Natural extraction method;

2. Biological cell culture preparation method;

3. Chemical synthesis method.

Natural extraction method

◆Natural extraction method:

The method of extracting it from natural peppers is generally based on its solubility characteristics. It is formed by leaching with organic solvent, chromatographic separation, and crystallization of organic solvent at low temperature. These methods are only different in the selected conditions. Common methods are:

1) Ethanol leaching, alumina column chromatography, ether crystallization;

2) N-hexane leaching, adsorption column chromatography, petroleum ether crystallization;

3) Methanol leaching, silica gel chromatography, absolute ethanol recrystallization method;

4) NaOH leaching, n-ethane extraction, ion exchange purification;

5) Supercritical fluid (CO2) extraction method

Biological cell culture preparation method

◆Biological cell culture preparation method:

Rao et al. used cell suspension and fixed culture technology to successfully combine protocatechuic ldehyde and caffeic acid. Capsaicin is obtained through biotransformation, They also studied the effects of different addition methods of prototheanal and caffeic acid on its production.

Chemical synthesis

◆Chemical synthesis:

Although the most researched at home and abroad is to extract it from natural peppers,

However, due to the cumbersome extraction process, natural peppers are different due to different varieties, maturity, climatic conditions and soil properties, and the existence of objective factors such as excessive investment in equipment, The price of its products remains high,

Especially high-purity product has a limited output, which limits the deep processing and application of its products. At present, high-purity capsaicin mainly depends on imports, the price is as high as 40,000 US dollars/kg, and the price of domestic 95% natural product is about 40,000 yuan/kg. Due to the high price of the natural, it limits its use in coatings, Applications in low-end markets such as wire and cable can only be used in high-end markets such as the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The chemical synthesis method has a wide range of sources of raw materials, it can be designed and prepared according to needs, and the price is low. Once the product is industrialized, it can be used to replace the natural components in the prior art, and the cost is not only greatly reduced, but also products of different purity can be synthesized according to needs, which are suitable for different fields.

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