What are the pharmacological effects of Magnolia Bark Extract?

- Sep 27, 2020-

◆Muscle relaxation:

The water extract of Magnolia officinalis has a remarkable curare-like effect. Its alcohol extract can reduce the grip strength and has a strong inhibitory effect on the spasm induced by drugs such as strychnine and picrotoxin. Magnolia Bark Extract can relieve intestinal spasm caused by barium chloride and pilocarpine, and inhibit the contraction of isolated bronchial smooth muscle of guinea pigs caused by histamine.

Magnolia Bark Extract

 A water-soluble alkaloid isolated from Magnolia officinalis-magnoline (also known as magnolamine) has a relaxing effect on striated muscle ,it can block the transmission of impulse in the motor endplate, so it has a nerve-muscle blocking effect. Intravenous injection makes the rabbit head drop dose 13.8mg/kg. Repeated intravenous injection to rabbits with the same dose does not weaken the muscle relaxant effect. Experiments have proved that magnoline is a non-polarized muscle relaxant.

Magnolia Bark Extract Muscle relaxation

◆Central inhibition:

The ether extract of Magnolia officinalis can reduce spontaneous activities of mice and resist the excitement caused by methamphetamine or apomorphine. Magnolol and isomagnolol also have significant central inhibitory effects. Magnolol can completely inhibit the spinal cord reflex in mice, the ether extract 0.25~1g/kg can exhibit a central inhibitory effect that makes any reflex disappear.

Effects on the digestive system

◆Effects on the digestive system:

Magnolia officinalis 50% ethanol extract has a significant inhibitory effect on gastric mucosal ulcer with hydrochloric acid ethanol. One of its active ingredients is determined to be honokiol and magnolol.

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