What are the main pharmacological effects of sea buckthorn flavonoids?

- May 19, 2020-

There are three main pharmacological functions of sea buckthorn flavonoids.

1. It has the effect of anti-thrombosis. This kind of flavonoids, which prevent thrombosis, may be related to the inflammatory mechanism, which is one of the important pathogenesis of thrombosis. The mechanism behind it may be that its flavonoids raise levels of prostaglandin and nitric oxide in the body. The active substance that causes the formation of thrombosis is reduced to prevent the eventual thrombosis. Based on this mechanism, it may also have the potential to treat atherosclerosis, because its fundamental mechanism is to prevent the production of oxidative stress.

2. Sea buckthorn flavonoids have the effect of reducing blood lipids and weight loss. Because the extracts can reduce the weight and lipids of animal models, especially serum total cholesterol and LDL. It was found to lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

sea buckthorn flavonoids

3. Sea buckthorn flavonoids have anti-tumor and immune effects.

Because they are related to the prostaglandin pathway mechanism, it can significantly inhibit the in vitro proliferation of prostate cancer cells, which also have a certain inhibitory effect on liver cancer. On the other hand, it has the effect of stimulating immunity and enhancing immune function.

In summary, the chemical composition and pharmacological effects of the sea buckthorn flavonoid extract are very extensive, it is very similar to other flavonoids, and some products have been developed into drugs or health products using its extract. However, for the time being, the effective monomer component satint is still unclear, and its specific function will still need to be further studied to confirm that its specific mechanism of action and efficacy, it also need to be explored in depth in order to make more effective use of the active ingredient seaction of the ratathorn extract in the future.

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