what are the effects of Bacopa monnieri extract ?

- Aug 27, 2020-

Bacopa monnieri extract is a kind of plant, and it is also a food that can be used to help our health ,which can bring many benefits to the human body. When choosing to eat its extract for yourself, you must have an appropriate amount. its extract can also be used to treat diseases, but many people are not very clear about what disease it is used to treat. So what are the effects ?


Bacopa monnieri was used alone or in combination with phenytoin (an anticonvulsant that causes cognitive dysfunction), and the passive avoidance test in mice, the maximum number of electroconvulsive seizures, and motor function were evaluated. The results showed that phenytoin can impair cognitive function, while Bacopa can reverse the impairment of phenytoin to cognitive function, significantly improve memory acquisition and retention, but does not affect the anticonvulsant effect of phenytoin; Bacopa oleracea alone or in combination with other anti-epileptic drugs has also confirmed that Bacopa oleracea has a strong anti-epileptic effect and can correct the cognitive function damage caused by anti-epileptic drugs.


Bacopa monnieri extract can inhibit the growth of tumor cells at low concentrations; the toxicity at high concentrations still needs to be clarified by further in vivo experiments. The mode of action of the drug may be achieved by inhibiting DNA replication.

Bacopa monnieri extract

◆Liver protection:

Studies have shown that Bacopa oleracea prevents the inhibition of antioxidant enzymes and the reduction of glutathione levels, and inhibits the increase of lipid peroxides after morphine is given, thereby producing hepatoprotective effects on rat liver poisoning caused by morphine.

◆Relax smooth muscle:

Bacopa monnieri ethanol extract has a relaxing effect on all isolated tissues, such as rabbit and guinea pig isolated trachea, pulmonary artery and aorta, it can reduce the contraction of guinea pig tracheal strips caused by histamine in a dose-dependent manner. Among them, the most obvious effect on guinea pigs, but the completely relaxed trachea specimens. Result prompt:

The relaxation effect caused by Pseudomonas may involve prostacyclin compounds and β-adrenergic receptors. In addition, this relaxation effect does not depend on the activation of endothelial and muscarinic receptors.

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