What Are the Benifits of Echinacea Extract?

- Jan 13, 2020-

Echinacea extract is extract from Echinacea. It was first used in Indian tribes for hundred years ago, which used to treat common diseases such as infections, trauma, colds, snake venom, and abscesses. After discovering its good medicinal value in the 18th century, North American immigrants were introduced to Europe, especially in Germany and France.


At present, echinacea has attracted worldwide attention as an immunomodulator. Used as an adjuvant in the United States as an immunomodulator for the treatment of colds and influenza. It as a prescription drug for the adjuvant treatment of colds, chronic infections of the respiratory tract and urinary tract  in Germany. Since the 90s of the last century, the medicinal value of echinacea has been introduced in China, and then it has been widely valued and studied by medical practitioners.

Echinacea extract

Pharmacological effects of Echinacea extract

◆ The active ingredients in Echinacea extract are mostly studied in three categories: polysaccharides and glycoproteins, alkylamide compounds and caffeic acid derivatives. The pharmacological effects of Echinacea extract are mainly immune regulation, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and also effective for cancer.


◆  Studies have shown that echinacea extract has an inhibitory effect on COX-2, and COX-2 is an important substance in the process of inflammation. Therefore, echinacea has an inhibitory effect on inflammation, which is the same as the principle of aspirin, aminopyrine and other drugs. In vitro experiments, echinacea extract has a direct inhibitory effect on influenza virus and herpes virus; it has also been found that it can indirectly inhibit virus replication by stimulating immune cells to produce interferon. Pseudorabies virus, which is severely harmful to pig farms, is a herpes virus.


◆  Echinacea promotes both non-specific and specific immunity. The results on humans show that echinacea extract can increase the activity of phagocytes, granulocytes and non-specific T cells, and promote the release of related immune factors IL-1, TGF-α, etc. The lethality of various bacteria and viruses. Several experiments have shown that echinacea has a significant promotion effect on the cellular and humoral immunity of chickens, and can significantly increase the level of antibodies produced by Newcastle disease vaccine.

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