What are the benefits of Citrus Aurantium Extract to us?

- Jul 06, 2020-

◆Anti-obesity effects

Citrus Aurantium Extract can significantly reduce the amount of rat intake and control weight gain, the main active ingredient is antixforinoline-based phenythane alkaloid,which can stimulate lipolytic action, improve metabolic rate, by increasing heat production to promote fat oxidation, thereby reducing the fat quality of obese body.

◆Antioxidant activity

The removal capacity of lime coarses, purified flavonoids and their monomer hydroxyl free radicals and DPPH free radicals increased with the increase of concentration. Compared with flavonoid monomers, the extract has strong antioxidant effect, and there may be synergies between the monomers. Through the trial of diabetic mice, it was found that the Citrus Aurantium Extract can significantly enhance the antioxidant capacity of the liver and effectively reduce liver cell damage. In addition, the white skin layer and seed extract of mature fruit showed strong free radical removal ability, and the antioxidant capacity of the dehydrated skin was significantly higher than that of the pulp sample.

◆Anti-cancer activity

The isocryic acid and Ichanexic acid were isolated from the ethyl acetate extract by silicone tomography, both of which blocked the cell cycle of human colon cancer cells (HT-29) to inhibit their proliferation, while no effect on COS-1 fibroblasts, showing the potential of cancer chemical prevention and treatment.

Citrus Aurantium Extract

In addition to medicinal applications, Citrus Aurantium are widely used in food, health care products, fragrances, skin care and beauty, daily chemicals and so on. Lime is one of the world's four famous fruits, fruit juice content of up to 43%, and high content of amino acids, vitamin C, citrus fruit, through deep processing, which can produce prepared beverages, canned, honey, pectin, jelly and so on.

Lime peel can extract aromatic oil and orange peel essential oil. Among them, aromatic oil is a necessary raw material in the chemical, food, and textile industries; orange peel essential oil is effective for chronic bronchitis, it can develop health care sprays and other products that relieve chronic bronchial use. The infusion of fruits for clinical application can be used to reduce fever, relieve headaches, and ease palpitations. Juice helps the body eliminate waste. The essential oils of Citrus Aurantium , especially neroli, are sedatives used to reduce heart rate, relieve palpitations, promote sleep and treat digestive diseases. The diluted neroli oil is used for massage. The distillate of flowers can be used for antispasmodic and sedative.

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