What Are the Applications of Oat Bran Beta Glucan Powder in Food Industry?

- Apr 18, 2020-

In recent years, food materials that have both nutritional value and disease prevention have attracted great attention. Oatmeal is a food material of good quality, high nutritional value, and multi-purpose. Especially oat bran beta glucan powder has many benefits.

oat-beta-glucan powder

The β-glucan in cereals is mainly present in the aleurone layer and endosperm cell wall of oats (3% ~ 7%) and barley (5% ~ 11%). It is the most important dietary fiber component in oats and barley. It is enriched in the bran by the milling process, and can also be obtained by organic solvents, water extraction or enzymatic bioprocessing. Beta-glucan is a kind of soluble dietary fiber, which has the physiological characteristics of general dietary fiber, such as water holding capacity, volume effect, chelating adsorption of cholesterol and bile acid molecules, and improving the intestinal flora environment. A large number of studies and animal experiments have shown that β-glucan is particularly effective in reducing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood and preventing cardiovascular disease; at the same time, it can also reduce the body's absorption of glucose, delay the hydrolysis of starch, and reduce Blood glucose levels after meals. In addition, β-glucan plays an important role in preventing and improving heart disease caused by coronary atherosclerosis, anti-colon cancer, improving human immunity, preventing and controlling obesity, etc.

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Beta-glucan is a water-soluble dietary fiber. Because beta-glucan itself and the oat component rich in beta-glucan are mostly effective in lowering cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, most of the current research on β-glucan foods uses oat grains, oat flour and oat bran containing β-glucan to make different foods. The production of these foods basically stays in oat β- The initial processing stage of dextran foods. In recent years, with the continuous deepening of oat β-glucan research, the application scope of oat bran beta glucan powder in the food industry has gradually expanded, from As an ingredient in fast food cereals, it has been well applied in various foods such as biscuits, bread, dairy products, and meat, and is expected to be further developed.

◆ Application as a fat substitute in low-energy food

◆ Application in baked goods

◆ Application in meat products 

◆ Application in dairy products and beverages