What are the application fields of Nonivamide Powder?

- Nov 03, 2020-

◆Application in pharmaceutical production:

According to foreign literature reports: " Nonivamide " is mainly used as neuropeptide P-substance, which can open the Ca2+ and Na+ channels on the cell membrane and hinder the absorption of thiamine in the small intestine. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, It has been widely used in the production of capsaicin ointment, topical patch, treatment of rheumatism, bruises, frostbite, detoxification, analgesia, antipruritic, sterilization, anti-inflammatory and other drugs. It can cure some refractory diseases such as post-herpetic nerve pain, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, diabetic nerve pain, severe psoriasis and so on. It can be used for addiction-free analgesia, inhibit bacteria and fungi, to promote blood circulation, it also can be made into sprays, liniments, tinctures, creams, patches, etc.

◆Military applications:

It can be used as a non-toxic expelling agent, using the strong and sneezing effect of " Nonivamide " to manufacture bombs and other expelling equipment and personal defense articles. It can be used to produce portable strong stimulant repellents and expellors to expel other biological attacks and protect the safety of individuals or teams. It is the main ingredient in the production of bullets, guns and police defense weapons.

Application in pharmaceuticalnon-toxic expelling agentoptical cable

◆This product is the main raw material for the production of rodent and ant repellent:

The anti-mouse and anti-term repellent is a kind of compound and substance microcapsules with Nonivamide powder (synthetic capsaicin) as the main component. It has a strong pungent taste. Adding a small amount can cause the oral mucosa and olfactory nerves of rodents to be strongly stimulated and abandon chewing and cutting. At the same time, it can kill termites. It is a new material with dual functions. It is used as a functional additive for anti-rodent cable sheath plastics to prepare plastics with anti-rodent function. As an anti-rodent additive for cable plastic sheaths, it is used to prevent animals from cutting. It can be used in cable and optical cable industries for PE, PVC and other plastics. It can prevent rodents and termites from eating and eroding the cables. After many years of use by domestic large and medium-sized cable manufacturers, the products have been confirmed to be non-toxic, efficient and durable.

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