The top three factors affecting the quality of pure propolis

- Mar 23, 2021-

First, the difference in species of bee . Generally speaking, the "Western bee " are large in size, featured by a strong colony and high propolis production with quality; Pure Propolis.jpg

while the native Chinese bee is a individual, a weak colony, with a poor ability to gather pure propolis. Therefore, before the introduction of "Western bees" into our country, there was no written record of the use in our country.

Second, the difference in environment. Different propolis plants and different resins produce pure propolis , their components are quite different, which will also have a significant impact on the quality of it. Some countries and regions where environmental protection is poor and pesticides are abused will cause excessive amounts of antibiotics , pesticide residues and heavy metals in bee products, which will bring hidden dangers to safety.

Third, scientific extraction methods and processing techniques are important reasons for the difference in the purity. it is rich in 20 categories and more than 300 kinds of effective active ingredients, mainly including flavonoids and terpenoids. Other ingredients are also playing an important role. The caffeic acid, lignans, polysaccharides, glycosides, arginine, various enzymes, rich trace elements, vitamins, etc. are all in disease prevention. which plays a complementary role in the treatment of diseases. For example, galangin, pinisin, cadaverine, ferulic acid and caffeic acid have strong antiviral effects, so it is difficult to catch a cold after taking pure propolis.

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