The pharmacological effects of Bacopa monnieri

- Aug 26, 2020-

1. Pharmacological activity of nerves.

(1) Beneficial effects on learning and memory.

Studies have shown that Bacopa monnieri and their extracts have brain-health effects, which can significantly improve the learning ability of rats and promote cognitive function. It is mainly derived from the two active saponin of its A and B in ethanol extract. In addition to promoting normal rat learning and memory function, the active ingredients can also inhibit amnesia (memory loss) caused by steroids, electro-shock, and binding stress.

(2) Anti-anxiety.

The Bacopa monnieri extract is different from benzodiazepines, which improve cognitive function while producing anti-anxiety effects, while the latter have side effects that cause dementia. A rat anti-anxiety experimental model (overhead plus maze model) was used to compare the anti-anxiety effects of BM standard extracts and benzodiazepines. The rats were orally administered 5, 10, and 20 mg/kg BM extract and intraperitoneal injection Lorazepam (LZP) 0.5mg/kg. Compared with lorazepam, the high-dose Bacopa monnieri extract has stronger anxiolytic effects, which is significantly better than LZP. Bacopa not only does not cause dementia, but can enhance the memory function of demented animals and people.

Bacopa monnieri

(3) Antidepressant.

Bacopa oleracea methanol standard extract has a strong antidepressant effect on rodent depression models. Compared with the antidepressant imipramine (15mg/kg), fake horses are given daily in the forced swimming and acquired helpless depression models Bitterroot 20 or 40mg/kg once, continuous administration for 5d, which can produce obvious antidepressant effect.

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