The effective substancein in hops can be used to suppress cancer!

- Jun 11, 2020-

A recent study suggests that the main ingredients in hops can help prevent cancer and inflammatory diseases. Wyanant and Sass presented their findings at the 251st annual meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Hop is a perennial herb cranberry plant that can be used in beer and medicinal brewing.

Researchers at the University of Idaho point out that hops give beer a unique bitter taste and potential medicinal value, not only because the plants themselves inhibit bacterial growth or help prevent disease, but also because they are rich in ketones and snakeoxydolineones that can be converted into drugs.

In the Petrons experiment, herbketone and serite ketone kill cancer cells and reduce the adjure of leukemia cells to the body's tissues.

When researchers want to extract healthy chemicals from hops, they must first determine whether the compounds can be isolated and successfully extracted, and researchers would better know how to make them, says Dr Kristopher Waynant.

hops extract

Waynant and students are working to extract herband and shelitasterin from hops in the lab, and they hope to extract these compounds from plants to help medical experts develop drugs.

After analyzing three different herb ketones, Wyanant and Sass successfully synthesized one of the types. They plan to synthesize two more species next, and hope to synthesize more oxycodone and serpentine. Although this is no easy task, they say they will make a lot of experiments and make a lot of mistakes and make huge discoveries. At the same time, they say, that doesn't mean drinking more hops will help people prevent cancer and disease.

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