The best philosophy is a high-fibre diet

- Mar 18, 2021-

High-fiber food is a product development trend. As consumers pay more attention to physical health, consumers are increasingly concerned about the functions and nutritional components that can solve basic health issues(such as, digestion, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases).

Preventive health care drives the demand for fiber and other ingredients that help fight dietary diseases, so consumer seek high-fiber food and beverage products to meet their daily fiber needs.

high-fibre diet

A survey pointed out: 36% of American consumers believe that fiber content is an important attribute when choosing nutrition/functional food, 28% of Indonesian believe that high fiber content is an important factor in their choice of products when shopping, 60% of Thai Consumers are aware of dietary fiber and/or prebiotics (such as inulin, β-glucan) and have used products containing them.

high-fibre diet rate

Food and beverage manufacturers are investing in the development of new products rich in fiber, which is the future trend. A Mintel report pointed out that in the past 10 years, The number of patents in the same kind about the addition of dietary fiber and its effects in food and beverages has been increasing year by year.

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