What is Saw palmetto extract good for?

- Aug 08, 2019-

Saw palmetto berries were first used by American Indians to treat prostate diseases and urinary tract infections. Later, the Germans first added saw palmetto to the prescription for preventing and treating prostatic hypertrophy, which greatly improved the efficacy, so saw palmetto quickly became popular in Europe and America. This plant grows in the warm southeastern part of the United States.

The extract we introduced today is extracted from the fruit of the saw palmetto. Why is it so popular? Let me take a look at its efficacy and function, and you will know something about it:

Efficacy First, regulate hormone changes in the body

Hormones are a very important part of our body, which regulates the body's physiological functions. If the hormones in the body are unstable, there will be some bad phenomena. Saw Palmetto has the effect of regulating hormone changes in the body, can effectively prevent the occurrence of hormonal disorders, inhibit hormone secretion that stimulates prostate hypertrophy, and solve the problem of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Efficacy 2, maintain prostate health

Italian scientists have found that saw palmetto also has the effect of helping to maintain prostate health, maintain the normal volume and function of the prostate, and also has the effect of reducing nocturia, frequent urination, urgency and other symptoms, making men full of energy and self-confidence.

Efficacy three, treatment of hair loss

Hair loss is a phenomenon we often see in our daily life. It is more common in male friends. The main cause of hair loss in male friends is caused by DHT. The use of saw palmetto has a good effect on improving hair loss, because saw palmetto can prevent androgen and prevent DHT from destroying hair follicles, thereby achieving the effect of preventing hair loss.

Efficacy IV, treatment of male diseases

In real life, many male friends suffer from male diseases due to bad habits such as living habits. At this time, male friends can use saw palmetto. Because saw palmetto has prevention and improvement of male diseases such as cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis.

But saw palmetto may also have side effects, especially when taking birth control pills, estrogen replacement drugs, tamoxifen, toremifene, testosterone or other types of anabolic steroids.

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