Regulations and application of Oat Beta Glucan Powder

- Mar 31, 2021-

In 1997, the US FDA declared that "oats are a saturated fat and low-cholesterol food. Daily intake of 3 grams of Oat Beta Glucan Powder can reduce the fat of blood in the serum, to minimize the risk of coronary heart disease." In 2010, the European Food Safety Authority EFSA approved a health claim that oat β-glucan can lower cholesterol levels. In 2013, the US FDA approved it to pass the "GRAS" certification. In 2014, the National Health and Family Planning Commission approved oat β-glucan as a new food raw material, which can be used in all products except infant food.

With the improvement of people's living standards, dietary fiber plays an important role in promoting a balanced diet. Foods with dietary fiber added are an important trend in the future food industry.

Oat Beta Glucan Powder

Oat Beta Glucan Powder can be used in health foods, beverages, dairy products, grain meal replacements and other products. It can not only increase the fiber content of the product, but also improve the taste and texture , it help reduce the fat in the food. With the content of sugar, it provides innovative claims of low sugar/no sugar/reduced sugar and meets the needs of clean labels. It is an ideal functional raw material for the development of new foods.

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