Pure Propolis, Refined Propolis

- May 12, 2016-


                                     The Function of Propolis

Scientific research shows: propolis contains rich and unique bioactive substances, which has the function of various antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antioxidant, immune enhancement, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, anti - tumor, there are medical, wide range of health effects on the human body, and now become a new highly respected health product. 


  Effects and Functions

Antibacterial effect. Propolis can sterilization, disinfection, sterilization, antibacterial, mildew, corrosion, solves the defect of  antibiotics working on single microorganism, and no side effect. Have a good therapeutic effect on a skin disease in daily life.


Antiviral effect. Propolis is a natural antiviral substance, has the very strong inhibition and killing effect on various kinds of virus.


 Antioxidant effect. Propolis is known as antioxidants and free radical-scavengers, can effectively remove the free radicals and other waste ,which are caused by obesity, excessive fatigue, environmental pollution, smoking and unhealthy living habits and environmental factors.

Enhance the immunity function. The body's immune system can easily be harmed by viruses, propolis can enhance human immunity, enhance the body resistance to viruses.


The anticancer effect. A large number of domestic and foreign research shows, propolis has a good effect in inhibiting cancer cancer.


To promote cell regeneration function. Propolis can accelerate the healing of tissue regeneration and wound.


The function of beauty. Propolis can decompose pigment, remove wrinkles, slow down aging, very good effection on female beauty.


Analgesic effect. Propolis also have very good effect in the aspect of anesthesia and analgesia.


Prevention of tumor. Propolis contains anti-cancer substances, abundant research proof, cancer patients taking propolis, it can reduce the cancer cell and can reduce the side effects caused by  chemotherapy, radiotherapy.


Anti hypertension. Hypertensive patients taking propolis which is containing flavonoids and very  very strong antioxidants, it not only can reduce the harm of lipid peroxide on the blood vessel, prevent hardening of the arteries, but also can effectively reduce the content of glycerin three fat, reduce platelet aggregation, improving microcirculation, can reduce high blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of unexpected things. Therefore, in the elderly, especially hypertension, heart disease, arteriosclerosis patients, often taking propolis, it is very beneficial to health and longevity.


               Side Effect of Propolis

1--Before eating, Need to do allergy testing, such as put some propolis on tongue, if no response, then you can eat.

2--People with Serious allergy, Do not use propolis or Use with caution.

  Due to differences in personality, there are 0.03% of patients will have allergy phenomenon in different degrees when using liquid propolis (Not life-threatening).

3--allergy phenomenon is mainly for external use, such as Skin redness and itching, but such allergy phenomenon  will disappear in a short time.

4--Propolis for oral administration, No side effects.

5--Pregnant women are forbidden to take Propolis.Pregnant women eating propolis, will stimulate the uterus, cause uterine contractions, interferethe natural growth and development of fetus