Pharmacological effects of Thyme Extract

- Jul 13, 2020-

1. Antibacterial anti-inflammatory pain relief effect

Thyme extract and thyme essential oil can regulate and control Aeromonas bacteria during vegetable processing. Thyme aromatic oil can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli to varying degrees. In addition, thyme extract can also inhibit the proliferation of bacteria in the cold storage of Chinese sausages.

2. Antioxidant effect:

Thyme methanol extract is one of the strong antioxidant activities of all wild plant extracts collected. The antioxidant capacity of thyme aromatic oil when added to 1200mg/kg is close to that of 200mg/kg dibutyltoluene (BHT) without affecting the color and smell of soybean oil. Taking the scavenging effect of diphenyl bitter hydrazine radical (DPPH) as an index, the evaluation results of antioxidant effects on volatile oils of 16 kinds of plants such as thyme showed that among these 16 plants, thyme volatile oils had moderate antioxidant effects. Thyme extract also has a certain anti-fat oxidation effect. Studies have shown that thyme (Thymusvulgaris L.) has stronger antioxidant properties than known antioxidants vitamin E and BHT.

Thyme Extract

3. Other functions

Thyme volatile oil has anti-allergic effect, which has a certain therapeutic effect on allergic rhinitis and allergic dermatitis; It has an inhibitory effect on tumors and can effectively improve immunity; It can also inhibit the formation of thrombus and relax the isolated rabbit intestinal smooth muscle ,It can antagonize the contraction of intestinal smooth muscle caused by acetylcholine and relieve the spasm of isolated guinea pig tracheal smooth muscle caused by histamine.

method of extraction:

Thyme essential oils are usually extracted by steam distillation and processed by oil-water separation. Not only the cost is low, but also no other solvent remains, and the fragrance is pure. In the steam distillation method, the dried raw material is first cut into pieces with scissors, placed in a round-bottom flask, and heated with a temperature-regulated electric heating mantle, and the essential oil is obtained after a total of water distillation. A small amount of water will be mixed in the essential oil obtained by partial filtration. Absorb water with anhydrous sodium sulfate to obtain light yellow transparent essential oil. Drying process (generally natural drying, drying may cause loss of essential oil) → crushing → co-water distillation → still distillation liquid → reading → partial filtration → dehydration → preservation.

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