Oat Beta Glucan Powder can regulate glycemia and improve intestinal microflora

- Mar 22, 2021-

◆Regulating glycemia:

Oat Beta Glucan Powder has the effect of regulating postprandial glycemia. This is because oat β-glucan is a non-starch polysaccharide,featured by low calorie and low sugar, its fiber structure can delay the absorption of sugar and the release of blood sugar, which can stabilize glycemia. For patients who need to take insulin, oat beta-glucan is particularly effective in regulating glycemia . In a study evaluating the postprandial effect of ingesting 5g oat β-glucan, compared with the control group, the blood glucose concentration at 30 minutes after a meal was reduced by 19% (p<0.005), and the blood glucose concentration at 60 minutes was reduced by 16% (p<0.066) .

Oat Beta Glucan Powder can regulate glycemia

◆Improving intestinal microflora:

The dominant flora in human colon microbes will be changed for dietary intake, the indigestible dietary fiber can cause significant changes in the intestinal flora, which will have a positive impact on health. Oat Beta Glucan Powder may play a good role in improving intestinal microflora and health. Studies have confirmed that oat β-glucan can reduce E. coli in feces and intestines to increase the number of lactobacilli. It can ferment at the distal end of the colon to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) ,It has the effect of regulating the intestinal flora and can be used as a prebiotic for the human body.

Other effects:

Animal experiments have shown that Oat Beta Glucan Powder has the function of regulating immunity, it can be combined with macrophages of the human immune system to enhance the activity and phagocytosis of macrophages to enhance the disease resistance of animals. Oat β-glucan also has a weight loss effect. it is a low-energy substance with high satiety. Compared with digestible polysaccharides or monosaccharides, it can make people feel full while consuming less energy; It may also lead to increased chewing, longer meal time, and reduced food intake.

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