Nonivamide Powder is the main raw material of pollution-free marine antifouling paint

- Nov 09, 2020-

Nonivamide Powder is the main raw material of pollution-free marine antifouling paint:

The "Convention on the Control of Harmful Marine Antifouling Paint Systems" reviewed and approved by the United Nations at the London Conference in October 2001 stipulates that since January 1, 2003, the production and use of toxic marine antifouling paints containing TBT and other toxic marine antifouling paints are prohibited worldwide.

At present, bio-antifouling agent uses Nonivamide Powder as the main raw material. It has been used as antifouling coatings for ships and applied to the parts of ships and offshore structures in contact with seawater to prevent marine organisms such as algae, shellfish and molluscs from attaching ,It can achieve the purpose of preventing the accumulation of aquatic organisms in the hull of the ship and replace the toxic organic tin antifouling agent.

Main application: Anti-fouling organisms for ships, offshore platforms and underwater facilities. Paints and coatings produced with spicy antifouling agents can effectively prevent aquatic fouling organisms from damaging the hull.

pollution-free marine antifouling paint

Nonivamide Powder

The use of Nonivamide Powder antifouling agent not only has special effects on the harmful barnacles, but also has obvious control effects on other aquatic fouling organisms. It is mainly used in the production of environmentally friendly antifouling paints and coatings for ships. This product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluted, high in effective ingredients, small in addition, long in use, and low in price.

Therefore, the development and production of pollution-free marine antifouling paint is the development direction of international marine antifouling paint. At present, there are domestic manufacturers in mass production, and its technology has reached the international advanced level.

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